Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd (KSAIL) was incorporated in September, 1999. KSAIL is located approximately 10kms East of Kisumu, which is the third largest city of Kenya.

The sugar factory was commissioned in 2007, a modern 4000 TCD greenfield sugar factory at Kibos, with capacity to mill 480,000 tons sugar cane per year produced by small and large scale farmers in the former Miwani Sugar Factory zone in Miwani division and parts of the Nandi and Kisumu District.

The factory produces both white and brown sugar packaged and sold as Star Sugar. The byproducts of the milling process are bagasse, molasses, filter mud and fly ash.

The company is currently cogenerating 3 MW of electricity for internal use from bagasse, a waste product from sugar cane processing. KSAIL has a nucleus farm of over 5,000 ha and outgrowers producing cane on approximately 100,000 ha in Nyanza, Western and parts of the Rift Valley provinces of Kenya.



Within five short years of operations, the company has now expanded its crushing capacity to 3,500 TCD and its co-gen capacity by 15MW to produce 18MW. The 100ton boiler has capacity to produce steam at 45kg/cm² pressure and 440°c temperature whose capacity is 15MW of electricity power. This was commissioned on 29th December 2014.

Its byproducts such as molasses, ethanol and organic fertilizer are raw materials for high value products. KSAIL is in the process of establishing a 100 tons per day Pulp and Paper Mill at the premises adjacent to the sugar factory using excess bagasse from the co-gen. The company is established as Kibos Paper and Packaging Limited with common shareholders and directors.


The main goal of KSAIL is to produce sugar economically below the import parity price for COMESA sugars in order to enable the company compete favourably once the COMESA tariffs are lifted. We aim to be the lowest cost producer of sugar in Kenya able to supply sugar to the local region without protection.


The sugar factory provides employment for over 1000 employees, while those depending on the company in the sugar cane plantations are more than 20,000 with backward and forward linkages accounting for over 100,000 people.


KSAIL has established five cane collection weighbridges, two in Kisumu, two in Nandi County and one in Kakamega County.. Farmers supply cane to the factory through the weighbridges at which their transport costs terminate. The weighbridges handle over 3,500 tons of cane per day.


Sugar mill byproducts such as bagasse, molasses, and filter mud, normally considered as waste; are raw materials for high value products. KSAIL considered these products and in order to conserve the environment, decided to put these wastes to good use.

One of the products of bagasse is electricity generated by the Kibos Power Ltd company with a capacity to generate 15 MW and produce 90 – 100 tons of steam. The company has a standby turbine with a capacity to generate 3MW of electricity and a 37 tone boiler.


KDL’s main activity will be the production of Ethanol (branded Ethanol 96% v/v RS) from Molasses for selling purposes. The 3 main ethanol products will be:

  • 40,000 LPD of Anhydrous Alcohol (AA) with maximum 0.5% v/v moisture content
  • 40,000 LPD of Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) of minimum 96% v/v strength
  • 40,000 LPD of Rectified Spirit (RS) of minimum 95% v/v strength

The process will utilize molasses, a by-product of sugar processing from KSAIL and steam and power from Kibos Power Ltd (KPL).

Quality Management System System Based On ISO 9001:2015


The factory has a capacity to produce 150,000 tons of industrial sugar per annum. KSAIL will provide the factory with raw sugar directly from the mill through an automated system. It will produce both

  • EC2 – Food grade for supply to the beverages and confectionary industries
  • Pharmaceutical grade – For supply to the Drug Manufacturing Industries

The factory will also produce sugar for industrial use to the specifications of its customers. KSRL is already receiving interested enquiries from large industrial sugar users in the country in the sweets and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.


The plant at full capacity will be expected to produce:

  • 150 TPD of pulp
  • 75 TPD of paper
  • 10 TPD of Soda Ash

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